Designed and patented by EXERGY, the Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT) is unique in the ORC marketplace.

The idea was first conceptualized by EXERGY CEO Claudio Spadacini, making the use of this type of expander a world first in the ORC industry.

The Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT), different from the Axial and Radial inflow configuration, is capable of converting the energy contained in the fluid into mechanical power, with higher efficiency than competing technologies on the market.

When working with an organic fluid, most of the characteristics of the Radial Outflow Turbine become advantageous. These advantages include:


Key advantages include:

  • Higher efficiency than an axial turbine
  • Multiple pressure admissions possible on a single disk
  • 2 pressures on single wheel gives a cost effective solution
  • Low speed turbine means no gearbox, and therefore higher reliability
  • Large increase in volumetric flow achieved without the need for extreme changes in blade height
  • Outward movement of fluid minimizes 3D effects
  • Minimum turbulance, meaning maximum efficiency
  • Excellent match between volumetric flow and the cross section across the radius
  • No need for partial admission
  • Less tip leakage and disk friction losses
  • Less limitation on cycle pressure
  • Low vibrations, meaning longer life on the bearings

All these factors lead to a more efficient machine, rotating at a low rotation speed with very low noise level and vibration.